Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Hunter's 1st day of Kindergarten
We Are so proud of you bud!

Our little Hunter went to Kindergarten today on
August 26, 2009! As some of you may know we were going to have Hunter wait until next year, because his birthday is July 22, but Ry and I decided he was ready! So 3 weeks before school started I went and signed him up! Oh my heck I love this little guy so much, he is such a helper at home and we are going to miss him. My little or I guess BIG Hunter is reading so I just felt like he needed more than preschool. We still may hold him back and just repeat kindergarten, we will wait and see! HUNTER YOUR MOM, DAD and especially your little sissy LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Hope you have a great and fun day!

Hunter and Courtney at the bus stop!

The bus stop is our driveway!
Courtney Hiatt took good care of HUNTER!
All the kids in the neighborhood were excited
that HUNTER was going.The big kids like Courtney,Morgan, and Steven
Thanks guys for watching my little guy!

So, the bus came at 8:34am!
If any of you are wondering I cried
and then I followed the bus to the school!
I think I might do that everyday my
heart broke when he left! When he came
he ran off the bus and said, "Mom I had so much fun"!
I am so happy for him! Oh ya and Dad came to the school and
brought the camcorder. He is getting so big!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Missing Ryan and reminiscing!

I am reminiscing cause Ryan and Kasey are in Africa on a safari hunt. When they get back we are hopefully going to book a cruise for this November. In November Ryan and I will have been married for 10 years and think a cruise is a great way to celebrate, and we hope all our friends will book with us hint..hint... John and Fawntell! Marni and Kasey are already in (at least they better be). Who ever else wants in, better say soon, like Gary and Annie, and who ever else! Ryan is having fun in Africa I am so excited for him, he will have been gone two weeks on April 14 (my b-day)! I can't wait to hear all about the trip and post his pictures! Ry I hope you are having a blast and I love you and miss you so much and can't wait to see you! This is me missing Ry!

Reminiscing March/April 2008 Southern Carribean- Domincan Republic, Antigua, Tortola, Barbados, St Lucia

Kasey, Marni, John, Fawntell, Ryan and Jody

This island is Antigua, we bought body boards in town
went to beach called half moon bay and body surfed all
day! I lost my top in the water and had no idea, I was so
embrassed! We ended up giving our boards to a family,
because there was no where buy the boards.
This beach was about 30 minutes from town.

Reminiscing about last year's cruise!

Fawntell and John!

The boys just chillin', Kasey Petersen, John
Mogle, and Ryan Newman (my handsome

Marni and Kasey on the way to the cruise!

The girls ready to go to "White Heat,
"(the night club)! Fawntell , Marni ,and Me!
okay so this cruise did not have the club, "White
Heat," but every club from now on will be
White Heat!

John and Fawntell so HOT!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cooking with Mom

Ryan wanted my homemade brownies, so the kids and I made them! We love you Daddy!

Haley modeling her new minnie P.J.'s
(Her surprise for mommy being gone)!

I love my kids! Hunter can't resist the camera!

Hunter with his Pizza box! That was such a good idea Easton!